Elite Dodgeball National Championships

The championship will be held in Boston. It will feature three full days of dodgeball that will showcase the best teams across the nation competing in 8.5 rubber ball, as well as Rubber No Sting

Any and all teams are invited to come compete. Each division will feature a round robin and each division will also have a double elimination for playoffs.


Championship Division (Open 8.5)
Coed Division (8.5)
Womens Division (No Sting)
Coed Division (No Sting)
Pinch Division (8.5)

Each Division is $180 per TEAM not per player.
Teams: We play 6v6 dodgeball. Teams will be allowed to have up to two subs on their team. 
For Co-ed there needs to be a minimum of 2 girls on the court, and coed teams may have as many as 9 players on their roster as long as 3 are female.

Registration will open July 1st

SCHEDULE (Times are tentative. They will be finalized once registration is closed)

8:30am Check in and Warm up
8:45am Captains Meeting
8:55am National Anthem
9:00am Open 8.5 Round Robin and Women’s No Sting Round Robin
2:30pm Womens Showdown
3:00pm Coed 8.5 Round Robin
9:00pm Finish of Day 1
11:00 Party Location to be Determined 

8:30am Warm up
9:00am Open 8.5 Elimination and Women’s No Sting Elimination
12:00pm Men’s Showdown Final
1:00pm Coed 8.5 Elimination
4:00pm Coed No Sting Round Robin
9:00 Finish of Day 2
11:00 Awards and Elite party

8:30am Warm up
9:00am Coed No Sting Elimination
12:00pm Pinch Round Robin
4:00pm Pinch Elimination
7:00pm End of Day 3
8:00pm Party