Elite Showdown

This will be a tournament to decide who is the number one player in the US. Beginning at round 1 of each regional series we are hosting a nationwide 1v1 tournament to crown who is the top player in the country. The cost to enter is $5 per person. Each match will be a best 3 of 5. Spots are very limited and are a first come first serve basis. The tournaments will be broken down into 4 regions of 32 players.


During round 1 of each regional the 32 players will be whittled down to 8 players.

Players and spectators will be able to see who has progressed on to the next round much like March madness after each tournament has passed. At Round 2 we will watch 8 players at their respective regions be whittled down to the final 2.

During the 3rd and final round of each regional series, we will pit the final 2 players in each region against each other to crown our regional champions.

At the year end Elite National Championship in Vegas the final four (one from each region)will battle it out to determine who takes home the cash, the number 1 headband, and who gets to be titled the Elite One.

The Rules


  • This is a 1v1, head to head battle.
  • Both players will start with a rubber 8.5 ball, behind the line at their respective ends, and one ball will be placed in the center.
  • The court dimensions will be a 50ft x 8ft strait away with a center neutral zone of 20ft.
  • The official will signal both players, then give the signal to go.


  • Each match will be a best of 5
  • Once players are signaled to go, they will make their way towards the center to face each other.
  • The center ball may be picked up at anytime. No attack line requirements.
  • Basic Elite Dodgeball rules apply. For example, once Player A hits or catches player B, Player A scores a point.
  • If no player gets eliminated in a game, and all 3 balls are used up, that game will reset. (Each ball may only be thrown once)
  • Court lines will be softer than normal Elite lines. (At least one point must remain inbounds.
  • This is no pinch

The Winner

The One Headband

The winner will be given the Elite #1 Headband, Trophy, and will be known as the Elite Legend.

Two, Three, and Four headbands will be handed out to the respective ranked players at the end.

A cash prize, from the entry fees will also be awarded.

128 participants = Total $640

1st - $400

2nd - $150

3rd - $70

4th - $20